Globalsat BU-353 USB GPS Navigation Receiver

The Globalsat BU-353 USB GPS receiver is based on a SirfStarIII chip which provides really fast fixes and has 20 channels so it can process many satellites simultaneously. The device is powered by USB and has a waterproof housing and underneath is a magnet mount so it can be attached via the magnet to a car roof or part of a boat (provided there is some ferrous material around).

The device is suitably small and the cable appears strong.

On the underside we can see the unit is secured with screws and where the sticker is the magnet is located. There are no controls, everything is controlled by software.

Here we are checking the GPS raw data communication with the provided utility.

There is also information about the satellites. There is no other software. The device is communicating via com port and so any software that supports that should work.

After some fiddling we get the unit to work with Maxsea marine navigation software and the position is found quickly. Did not find any downside with the product, it just works.

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