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Wireless Inspection Camera 8802AL GB7307 GB88802

Wireless Inspection Camera 8802AL with GB7307 screen and GB88802 camera is a chinese product offered by many suppliers. It is also offered as OEM product so some suppliers have branded the product. The camera is intended for video inspection of difficult to access areas and also offers the capability to take photographs and store them on an SD Card. Compared to other products it is a low cost version costing the same as one from a known manufacturer without the camera function. Premium products with camera cost 4-5 times the price. Read the rest of this entry »

Globalsat BU-353 USB GPS Navigation Receiver

The Globalsat BU-353 USB GPS receiver is based on a SirfStarIII chip which provides really fast fixes and has 20 channels so it can process many satellites simultaneously. The device is powered by USB and has a waterproof housing and underneath is a magnet mount so it can be attached via the magnet to a car roof or part of a boat (provided there is some ferrous material around). Read the rest of this entry »

La Crosse BC900 RS900 Battery Charger

The LaCrosse Technology BC-900 / RS-900 Rechargeable Battery Charger is also known in Germany as the Technoline iCharger IC8800 and it is the exact same model of charger. I have no idea which of the companies designed the charger. I suspect that it is actually Technoline. LaCrosse offers mainly weather stations which of course need batteries, so it would make sense for them to seek an OEM partner that makes a quality battery charger. Anyway that is only speculation. Read the rest of this entry »

Canon Filter Adapter FA-DC58B for G10 G11 G12 Review

Previous lens or filter adapters for the Canon G Series had some big compromises. Then in 2010 Canon released the FA-DC58B which unusually moved with the lens. It does this by having a spring mechanism. When the lens is at wide the adapter does not extend. When the lens is moved to telephoto then the adapter extends with the lens and using the spring mechanism retracts when the lens is set to wide. This is quite clever. Read the rest of this entry »