Wireless Inspection Camera 8802AL GB7307 GB88802

Wireless Inspection Camera 8802AL with  GB7307 screen and  GB88802 camera is a chinese product offered by many suppliers. It is also offered as OEM product so some suppliers have branded the product. The camera is intended for video inspection of difficult to access areas and also offers the capability to take photographs and store them on an SD Card.  Compared to other products it is a low cost version costing the same as one from a known manufacturer without the camera function. Premium products with camera cost 4-5 times the price.

The camera is offered in two versions, with the 9mm lens or the 16mm lens. This one is the 16mm. If you wanted to inspect via smaller access ie by drilling a hole then the 9mm is probably the one you want. The lens is fitted with led lights which are operated by a dial on the camera handgrip. It is possible to change the brightness this way.

Here we can see the unit in use. The lens is on a flexible metal reinforced probe which can be bent into the required position. It does not have any capability to move in use, it is bent and then remains like that. The probe is of satisfactory construction and generally does remain in the position required.

This camera does not offer automatic rotation so you have to manipulate the probe to get the picture upright if you want that. Still I have seen automatic rotation on other products and this was actually a digital rotation which meant that the picture was not full if rotated. It is annoying to try to get the camera upright by bending the probe, it is not easy but helps if you want to move the probe around while looking. If it is not upright the movement is confusing.

The camera has focus limit to about 10cm from object. This is  limiting but not unexpected with the price. Sample image is above at 10cm.

Example of using the product in the dark, looking at a pen top under a piece of furniture with illumination by the led lights. The picture quality is generally not good but sufficient. The images are 640 x 480 which when inserted into a word document as a report to the client are of sufficient size.  The camera adjusts ISO automatically and in less than excellent light the images can be grainy.

Generally the images are like a webcam not a camera. They are essentially vidcaps, ie snapshots of the video feed. The image on the monitor is acceptable when viewing the camera. The images saved are not so good as that. The monitor can be connected to the camera or removed and the picture is transmitted wirelessly. There is some loss in quality with the wireless connection. The camera requires 4xAA and the monitor has a rechargeable battery. Unfortunately the camera does not have a trigger button to take the photo and instead a button on the monitor must be used. This is more inconvenient.

In the end the product is not very expensive as a professional tool. The image quality on the monitor is ok and the saved images are poor but better than nothing. The focusing limit of 10cm is restrictive. There are better camera modules out there but the manufacturer has not used those.

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