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Golfe Juan. Click on the photos for the big pics.

KISS THE SKY, 52m built 2001 at Amels, Holland

To the left BLOWZY, 47m built 1998 by Heesen Shipyards, Holland. To the right KALINGA, 50m built 1982 by Feadship

To the right LADY MONA K, 58m built 1986 by Amels, Holland,

to the left CONFIDANTE, 47m built 1987 by Feadship, Van Lent & Zonen, Holland

TRUE BLUE - 55m built 1991 at Oceanfast, Australia

Photos taken by Capt. Gary with an Olympus u Digital 500



m/y Octopus. It's a 125m monster superyacht owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft. Seen at marinas worldwide making other major yachts look bad.
With a cost of $200m and with 2 helicopters, a submarine, 2 or more tenders, cinema, recording studio. Octopus has little competition.
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