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Vasco 19" Rackmount Case PE 200
Following a search in Greece for cheap ATX rackmount cases, I found only one model available. The model is Vasco PE 200. There must be Antec rackmount cases available here somewhere but I have not found them.
Above is shown the front of two units. You can see the lockable doors in closed position. There is nothing accessible from the front once the doors are closed. You can also see the fan grille which is an array of holes punched into the chassis. The handles on the front of the unit are very strong and with rubber grips. You can safely lift the unit vertically by these handles.
The above photo shows the two units with the locking doors open. The doors can be completely removed by unscrewing the hinges.

Here you can see a close up of the front panel. You have to excuse the barrel distortion of my camera throughout this article. The unit appears to be curved but is not. In the front panel you can see that there are 3 exposed 5.25" bays and also a floppy disk drive slot. There are quite a few leds as well. This model only includes the simple PSU (Not redundant) so the only light seen is the top power light. The other two HDD lights you can connect separately so if you have a raid card then the lights can show the activity of two hard disk drives. There is also two USB ports but be careful that the pinout is correct for your board. The power button is a switch and is quite stiff so there is no problem with you accidentaly turning the unit off.

The reset button is recessed and you have to push it with a pen or something to get it to work. This is another clever addition to prevent accidental rebooting.

The tab which is to the left of the leds is used to pull out a cage which houses the fan dust guard. I recently pulled one out after several months of service and it was filthy so it is doing a great job in the city.

Above you can see the side view noting the holes for mounting the slide rails which were frustratingly not included in this version distributed by Macedonian Peripherals and purchased from Grammi Computers. I am not happy with the weight of these cases being supported at the front only so I have ordered some Vasco slide rails. You have to be careful with slide rails. There appears to be no standard for them so do not expect a competitors rails to work on your chassis, you have to measure the mounting holes in the rails carefully.
Not bad rackmount cases but the hard drive cage is annoying to install.
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