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Rackmount Server CabinetThis is my first experience with this manufacturer and I am happily surprised at the quality of the construction and well thought out design. They manufacture rackmount cabinets exclusively and it shows.

The most important features of the cabinet are the side doors. In addition to the door and removable rear panel, it is possible to remove the side doors therefore allowing good access to the sides of the cabinet for cable management and other installation jobs. Even though you can remove all the doors and panels they all lock for security purposes. You can see the cabinet with one of the side doors removed in the photograph to the left.

The second most important feature is the movable vertical rackmount rails. You can actually position them at any point along the depth of the cabinet and even add an additional pair of rails or several pairs of rear rails. Therefore with the additional rails you could accommodate deep and short equipment/sliding rails in the same cabinet without problems.

Personally I would have liked an additional pair of vertical rails to be included as standard. If you are ordering one of these cabinets then I would get them installed at the factory, you will probably need them in the future.


Rackmount Server CabinetTo the right you can see the cabinet with the side door now installed. There are two locks in the side door. Unfortunately the key does not fit very nice in the locks but it works though even with many removals of the doors for installation purposes.

The side and rear doors are heavy and cause some clunking when removed and reinstalled. I would not recommend removing the doors with servers running inside.

You can see also the blanking panels which are made by the same manufacturer as the cabinet. They are heavy metal not plastic and match the grey paint of the cabinet exactly which is nice. The photo shows them installed that way because I was waiting for equipment and it was better to have them installed somewhere than hanging around my desk.

The vertical rails are punched at every U and have three square holes for cage nuts for every U. There is also a dot marking to assist you in locating the next U.


Rackmount Server CabinetTo the left you can see the clever construction of the rear internal part of the cabinet. There are four cable entry points, namely at the lower rear door, at the bottom rear, at the top rear door and at the roof. There is also a clever earthing system which is attached to all panels.

Additionally you can see that the vertical rails can be placed at any point of the cabinet width. Not something which we are interested in though but may be useful for some people who are installing telcomms or audio equipment I suppose. The square in the centre allows the square nut that holds the rails to the cabinet to pass into the tracks in the first instance of installation. There are also seen rectangular holes along the width of the track box which you can use for cabling or to bring out that important screw which you dropped into the tracks.

Rackmount Server Cabinet
This 37U Rackmount Cabinet is a very good choice, it is a high quality unit that will secure your rackmount equipment securely and best of all the price is very good also.
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