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APC Back-UPS RS 1000VA - Page 2
Above on the right you can see the door which is removed initially from the top of the front fascia in order to connect the batteries. There is a large plastic plug and socket which is disconnected during transit and in order to use the unit you will have to connect them together. Then on the right you can see the two batteries which are included with the unit as standard. They should be easy to source when they fail which would be in about 3 years with normal use.
As expected I took the unit apart to see what was inside. The componets look quite substantial which is usually a sign of good build.

What else is there to talk about then. Well, there is the software which is quite minimal. You can control the annoying UPS battery backup alarms which are useful only if your computer is not on the same circuit as the lights in the room and quite annoying otherwise.

You can also set the UPS to shut down your computer when there is a specified amount of battery backup time left. You can set the unit sensitivity to be high/medium/low.

You can also set the unit to switch to battery if the power with minimum and maximum limits. Curiously you can set if the voltage goes above a setting of 252V-272V or below 188-208V. For the 230V utility power here in Greece I think that a maximum setting of less than 252 should be available. The actual voltage measured by the UPS was 224V.


So it is a nice unit which I am quite happy with for the moment. For a 1000VA unit it is not exceptionally heavy because it only has 2 batteries unlike the rackmount Smart-UPS units which have 4. Due to its dimensions you can either have it standing up or lying flat down. When it is standing up it has a small stand which can be attached (not shown in the photographs).

The manual says that you can place it under a monitor which is interesting. The unit calculates 30 mins battery backup for a P4 loaded system and a 17" monitor. Once I get some more cables I will be connecting 1 17" monitor, 1 P4, 2 P3 systems and a switch to it which should give me around 10 mins of battery backup which is sufficient for me.

It must be emphasised however that the Back-Ups units do not appear to have power conditioning features. When the power is abnormal the unit switches to battery. This is unlike the Smart-UPS units which without switching to battery trim the voltage up or down depending on how it exceeds the limits set. If this unit is in your bedroom and you are having frequent power spikes then it is going to click and switch the fan on every time as it switches to battery. At least you can disable the annoying beeps which UPS units make, in the software. Personally I wish I had purchased a Smart-UPS instead but this unit will be a reliable solution for the moment to protect my several pcs.
Cost : 280 euro in Greece from Plaisio
APC Back-UPS RS 1000VA
A well specified unit but it is from the cheaper range. If you have the extra cash it is well worth buying from the Smart-UPS range instead. The extra power conditioning functions in the Smart-UPS range make their units much more superior.
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