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Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard and Optical Wheel Mouse Black Review

I have always been in favour of the OEM microsoft keyboard and mouse combo, it is a good choice for corporate machines as availability is always good and the quality great. In past years the Microsoft Internet Keyboard and Intellimouse combo was offered, this was later changed to offer the Multimedia Keyboard and Optical Wheel Mouse. The introduction of an optical mouse at that price level was excellent. But now you can have it all in BLACK. That is excellent and for 35 euros it just cannot be beat.

Of course you are not supposed to buy only these products at that price point if you do not also buy a new computer. But anyway a few friendly shops stock this OEM product and you can purchase them without a new computer.
Having used an Intellimouse Explorer at home for years, I used to not like the Optical Wheel Mouse offered with the OEM pack. It felt a little too small compared with the large comfortable dimensions of the Explorer. I am not sure if they have changed the size slightly but the latest models feel more comfortable and I do not notice the difference.
The action of the keyboards from Microsoft are improving with each new model. This latest model has an excellent action.
The keyboard includes keys for "My documents", Media Player Keys, "Mail", "Calculator" etc but actually I have never used them. You have to install the keyboard driver to access these keys.
The range of tones of black/grey/blue grey does not really do it for me, I would have preferred all black. But at that price point it is the hottest cheap ticket in town. And yes with Greek keys also (which I have found impossible to find on a non OEM keyboard. With a Black monitor that setup will kick ass.

At that price point I will not complain. There is no competition and the keys are so smooth they exceed easily the quality of any Microsoft Internet Keyboard from the past.

Cost : 35 euro in Greece from OTE Shops
Microsoft Multimedia KBD
and Optical Mouse Black
Truly a bargain. Should last for years also.
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