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  Zyxel GS-1008 Rackmount 8 Port Gigabit Switch  
  Above you can see the left side of the circuit board. Notice the heatsinks, they could have used annoying small fans on those components.  
  Above you can see the right side of the circuit board. All the capacitors are supercon capacitors from Tawiwan. This is concerning, we shall see their longevity.  
  Above you can see the power supply unit and fan.  
  Zyxel is an interesting company. They have done some design or OEM production for Netgear. That shows that they are a capable design company and not a rebadger of others OEM products. You can find Zyxel ISDN routers and firewall units in many companies in Greece. They are a respected brand for ISDN office solutions and cheaper than the equivalent Cisco units.  
  It is an unmanaged unit therefore is in a completely different price range than managed units. You have to determine whether your network requires just fast network connections or advanced functions and configurations. If you need a good quality cheap gigabit switch then the Zyxel is a good choice.  
  Price : 259 euro from Computer Corner  
Unmanaged fast gigabit switching at a good price and from a quality brand Rackmountable.
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