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  APC Smart-UPS SUA1000RMI2U  
  So let's take a look at a nice rackmount UPS solution. Above is an APC Smart-UPS SUA1000RMI2U which is a 1000VA 2U Rackmount UPS and costs 649 euro in Greece. Seems a lot of money for a UPS right? well the Smart-UPS range are priced higher than the Back-UPS range and also you pay a big premium because it is rackmount. Personally, nothing except an APC Smart-UPS is going to be powering my servers and this model is the best priced in the range.  

You see the front panel in the first photograph, well you remove that in order to connect the battery cord when you receive the unit. All APC units are shipped with the batteries disconnected.

The front panel is actually quite annoying. These units are extremely heavy and I have lifted a unit twice from the floor (crouching at the rear of the unit) with one hand grasping by mistake the front panel. Of course the panel detaches accidentally and the front of the unit slaps down hard on the floor. Not enough to cause damage as it has happened before the front of the unit reaches 10cm from the floor. It is something to be careful of though. Drop one on your foot and you will not be walking properly for a while. Live and Learn.




Let's have a look at the rear of the unit. Well there is not much to see. The first thing that struck me was why is a fan not included. There is a fixture for a fan but apparently this casing is used for a higher model also which includes a fan. There are only 4 Power sockets for connecting equipment. No surge only sockets. That is quite dissapointing but it is easy to rig up a multi-plug to one socket.

There is also a USB port and a serial port. Unfortunately you can only use one at a time. If you want to run several servers from one UPS you have to buy another APC rackmount unit that splits the connection to several USB or serial connections.

A great rackmount UPS from APC and well priced also.
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