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Installation of LAN Cabling for 100mb Cat5e - Page 4- Termination of Cable at the Sockets
To the left you can see the LAN Cable with the outer sleeve stripped. It is best to do this using the tool that you use to attach LAN plugs on the end of the cables. You should do this carefully to avoid also damaging the sleeve around individual cables and maybe creating a short between two cables. The amount taken off in the photograph is rather excessive. It is recommended to take off an inch. You will find out in practice what you are used to.

In the next picture you can see how I have separated the individual cable strands and inserted them into the KRONE blocks according to the table of colours that is between the two blocks. I always use T568B for both the sockets and patch panels. It is more common to use this specification in LAN cabling. The photograph shows the strands just as they were placed into the blocks. Before you use the KRONE punchdown tool to terminate and trim the excess wire, you should take the time to straighten each individual wire in order that the tool can terminate and trim them successfully the first time.

In the third picture you can see how the KRONE tool is placed in the block and pushed down hard to terminate the wire. The scissors which trim the excess wire are seen at the top of the tool and operate at the same time as the wire is terminated by the tool.

In the fourth picture you can see that the wires are now terminated and the excess wire has been trimmed. It looked to be quite a complicated job in the beginning didn't it. Well you can see that it is quite straight forward and each new socket that you install will look more professional as you get more experience.

LAN Installations
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