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Installation of LAN Cabling for 100mb Cat5e - Page 3 - Sockets Selection and Installation

Once you have selected the LAN Cable you will also need some sockets. You can see to the left a selection of sockets available in Greece. The type on the far left is seen to have the sockets coming perpendicular out of the wall. The other three types which I prefer have the sockets parallel to the wall. These are best because the LAN cable and plug remains flush with the wall and is protected. The socket at the lower right is seen to have metal surrounding it wheras the others are plastic. That is a shielded FTP socket. In the case that you are not using shielded FTP cables but rather are using Unshielded UTP cables, there is no need to use shielded sockets. However the shielded sockets being metal may offer better strength and longevity. Either will be fine for your installation.

Above you will see that the sockets internals have punchdown blocks where you will attach each individual wire. There are colours either on the blocks or near them that indicate the colour of the wire you will attach at each point. You can see that each of the two sockets above has a different specification.

Be careful because you will require a different punchdown tool for each specification. So you want to make sure that you buy sockets with only one specification so you will need only one tool. I prefer the KRONE specification on the right.

To the left you can see the two types of tools required for the two specifications. The KRONE tool is more advanced because it has scissors which also cut the excess cable when it is terminated. The 110 tool does not offer this facility. The KRONE specification is also newer and specially designed to ensure correct and easy termination of the cable. Either will be fine for the job,

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