Clean installation of Lan Cabling in the home using Hot Glue  
  The problem with running ethernet around the house is that it can look shit and people complain about drilling too much holes etc. Well this technique is likely to pass mum's or yer wife's inspection. So we wanna run these two cables along the skirting board  
  We got the hot glue gun. necessary to have a good one and also to have good glue.  
  the first cable i have just glued. i have glued it mostly to the top of the skirting board and not the wall. it is a mistake to try to glue things on paint especially if it is crappy. so now i am putting hot glue on top of the lower cable.  
  Its ok to put like 1m of glue and then hold down sections periodically. be careful not to get glue on yer fingers.  
  And thats it done. if the wall gets painted again then can paint over the cables too for best effect. When it all has to be removed for some reason, most if not all of the glue will come off with the cables or otherwise with a knife.  
  People might say that the cables will be damaged by the heat. actually i have never damaged a cable this way. on the other hand using cable clips held with nails looks much crappier and i have damaged cables using that system.  
  Can do several cables like this but more than 2 or 3 and you are better off using conduit instead. I would do offices with conduit because you dont know what else they will want to run in the future.  
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