Willawake is a British guy who was born 1974 and has been living in Greece on and off since 1980 after his family moved there. His interests are mainly computers, photography, internet publishing and anything electronic. The name willawake is an old story and does not really matter anymore. You can pronounce it as you wish.  
  The vector art cartoon of willawake at the left was made by Ben Moorhouse an up and coming UK graphic artist.  
  Personal Internet Projects  
  Willawake has a few sites :  
  Yachtmati had it's beginnings in 2004 after Paul Allen of Microsoft's yacht OCTOPUS visited Greece and willawake had a chance to photograph it and publish the photos. This was around the time that he had purchased his first decent digital camera which was an Olympus C-5050z. The yacht photos were for a while located in a section of www.techmati.com and were eventually split off to their own domain which became successful with quite a lot of visitors. Later a Canon 20D was purchased bringing quite good results. The site is mainly updated during the summer periods when there is many yachts visiting Greece. It is quite successful.  
  Yachtmati forum was started during 2006 but did not get very much interest. Still that does not matter and it will be maintained as it complements yachtmati in case people want to say something. It did provide useful learning of vbulletin and its administration.  
  Techmati was the first of the sites developed which still exist and is intended for reviews and articles about computer technology. It became rather forgotten since 2004 when yachtmati required daily effort. However the intention is to develop it during 2007.  
  Capacitorlab was developed in early 2007 and is basically a consolidation of information about capacitors and the bad capacitor problem that willawake posted and learned during his participation in the badcaps forum since 2003.  
  DSLR lab was started in 2007 and will be the repository for photo technology articles. Still there is not enough time to work on this one.  
  AIS GR is a site about tracking the location of ships using AIS technology and has been developed quite a bit and it successful.  
  Other internet contributions  
  Badcaps Forum - willawake has contributed to the friendly computer assistance community badcaps forum since 2003 as a moderator and assisted the team to develop it from a small forum to a large one that will reach 4000 members soon.  
  Willawake started off with his sites hosted at flump in the UK but outgrew their bandwidth after a while and then moved to hostgator. After yachtmati was featured in a digg article the site was disabled at hostgator and willawake was forced to move. At the moment the sites are hosted on a linux VPS provided by a2b2 which is located at softlayer in the US. Although there have been some periodic problems with the a2b2 hosting at the new bluesquare datacenter in the UK, the US servers have not been affected and the support from the a2b2 team has been rather good indeed.  
  Pics in progress  
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