What is techmati?  
  Techmati is a combination of two words, namely "tech" for technology and "mati" which is the Greek for eye. Therefore we are keeping an "eye on technology". It was one of the candidates for the site name and was chosen because techmati in google was practically non existent. Maybe it is a bit silly but being original in google was what we were looking for.  
  Techmati Links to Computer and Photography Shops in Greece  
Here are some links to help you obtain hardware for your network in Greece
Greek Equipment Manufacturers
Central S.A- Greek Manufacturer of Telecomms Equipment. Good for UTP / Telephone sockets, punchdown tools. They also do patch panels but I prefer Panduit.
International Equipment Manufacturers
I will skip the obvious ones and include some others that you may or may not have heard of.
Vasco - Rackmount Cases
Triton - Czechoslovakian Manufacturer of very nice Rackmount Cabinets and Accessories
IT Support and Installation Companies
Cosmos Business Systems AEBE - Supply, Installation and Support. Eshop but limited selection. I have used them in the past for installations and they were good. They were very slow in supply of hardware (like a week or two) however but the prices were very good. No stores, they are a company. Info-Quest computer distributors has interests in this company so products coming from Info-Quest are cheap to order here.
Digital Data Communications - They are a small distributor which is the Greek office of a big global network of distributors. They are happy to deal with businesses direct which are non dealers. I like their Triton rackmount cabinets and accessories and also their Equip products.
Grammi Computers - No Eshop but products listed on site. They provided next day supply. Limited supply of products in store but you can order. Network of stores.
Plaisio - Large Eshop, Network of large stores with large selection of products. Fast delivery. Their hardware range does not have many of the brands I prefer but they have alternatives, mostly from Taiwan. Have no experience with their installation personnel and probably wont. Products are a little expensive but you could almost outfit the whole office including stationery and furniture from here. Extensive monthly hardcopy catalogue sent by post.
E-Shop - Interesting Eshop no stores. Has products like Intel Motherboards and Kingston Ram amongst others. Prices are good. Product range is limited but whoever selected their range likes the products I do.
Multirama - I used to avoid Multirama because the staff were generally annoying and the prices were expensive. However now they have an interesting range of Cooler Master and Thermaltake Extreme PC accessories. Very interesting and the prices are ok. The staff are still overly helpful though (they jump on you when you enter the shop).
Naftilos Computers - Piraeus based supply and support company. Extensive Eshop which has been offline for a while due to new edition being constructed.
Computer Corner - B2B supply company. They actually have a great range including rackmount equipment and servers. Fast delivery and good prices. They really sell themselves short by having no B2B Eshop or online catalogue. They are working on this but it sounds like it will be a major installation which will take a lot of time. Anyway they are highly recommended because they stock many great brands.
Computer Distributors
Some of the distributors have created on-line catalogues which are open to all and therefore very useful in selecting products. Others are dealer only. These companies will only deal with shops but if you want something it is good to identify the
Pouliadis & Associates AEBE - Nice catalogue with prices
Oktabit Partners Network - Nice catalogue with prices.
Macedonian Peripherals - Catalogue is not good, partners area is probably great but not for public.
Digital Data Communications - Distributor of Triton Cabinets, Equip, Level One and more
Photograph Equipment Shops
Photoway - They operate a network of camera shops around Greece. They have a good range of products (but mostly consumer stuff) and it is likely for you to find something you want in stock at one of the shops. Their prices are sometimes a little more than Plaisio. Unfortunately if you purchase from them and the camera is defective new, they will not assist you and tell you that you have to obtain exchange direct with the manufacturer which will waste your time. This is a bad way of doing business. Really there is no benefit to purchase from Photoway, they do not care about the customer. (This is my personal experience as a customer of theirs, dealing with their shop in Bouboulinas Street, Piraeus. Sorry to rant but this was a very dissapointing experience for me).
Adorama - I have purchased items from their shop in Kannigos, Athens. Unfortunately I found out that they were grey-market items (imported from USA I think). This means that you do not have any european warranty for the photography equipment the manufacturer and you have to deal direct with adorama for any problems. The benefit for you is lower prices. I prefer not to buy grey market. They have a good selection of professional DSLR and SLR kit.
  E-Photodigital - Currently i am dealing with their shop in Athens. They have a good selection of professional DSLR kit and have two stores near each other, so it is likely you can get at least some of the photography equipment that you want without ordering. They offer Canon equipment with proper european warranty. They speak English also.  
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